Natural Treatment for Animals

Fleas are unpredictable and common parasites they stick the pet’s body licking their saliva and thus cause several infections to pets. Yes, fleas are responsible for diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease and more.

It is necessary to treat your pet in time to avoid the major effects of these infections on your pet. Rather prevention is the best idea as it will help owners to protect their canine friends from dangerous life-threatening diseases.

Fleas and ticks cause scratching, irritating skin rashes and painful inflammation to your pet. Worry not as there are safe natural remedies are present to deal with fleas as well to protect their attack on your pet.

Natural remedies for flea control:

1. Bloodsucking parasites can be easily eradicated with vacuuming and be grooming your dog on regular basis. This is the best hygienic method to control dog fleas and ticks. Cleaning your pet’s bedding with baking soda will clean the flea eggs and thus will protect your cat from a further infestation of fleas. Dog grooming will clean your pet.

To clean the pet and to groom him owners require special equipment such as flea comb, bathing accessories such as flea shampoo, sprays, and deodorants. These accessories will help owners to eradicate present dog fleas and ticks from pets.

2. Prepare flea repellant sprays at home. Lemon, Rosemary leaves can be extracted from boiled water to prepare flea sprays. They effectively kill the flea life cycle. Vinegar has a strong smell and thus helps to repel fleas. Add a few drops of vinegar to a bathtub of your pet, one can also add vinegar to pet’s food.

3. Peppermint oil also works as a well-known flea repellant. Prepare flea collars at home dipped in peppermint oil and tie it to your pet’s neck, this repels the fleas and ticks from your pet. One can also plant the peppermint trees in their yard.

4. Prepare soap flea trap and trap the fleas from your dog’s body. Put soap liquid in the bowl and place it near your cats or dogs, keep the solution overnight and you will see the fleas in the bowl the next morning.

5. Give them the nutritious food one can add lots of meat in their food. This will build a strong immune system of your pet providing him with resistance to fight with flea attacks.

Try out the above top 5 natural remedies for flea control as well as killing fleas and ticks from your animals. It is necessary to keep your pet stay away from fleas as they might harm owners as well – read article on how to handle dog allergies.